Prone Repeated Extension with Lumbar Traction

Spinal Mobility

Series One

Movement #1/7


  1. Anchor a thick mobility/resistance band around a stable object (squat rack, for example). Step into the band, facing where it is anchored.
  2. Step over the band, turning and facing away from where the band is anchored.  The band should now be running across the top of your buttocks, and then down in between your legs.
  3. Crawl forward until you feel a strong tension on the band into your pelvis/lumbar spine.
  4. Lay in a prone position.
  5. Perform 30 repetitions of repeated lumbar extension.


  • Once on tension, you can lay in a prone position (without movement), for lumbar traction
  • This can be great for those with lumbar radiculopathy and sciatica. The goal is to centralize your symptoms.
  • If your symptoms get worse, do not perform this activity. Seek medical attention and advice.


  • Spinal mobility, neural tension