Lateral Tibiotalar Mobilization with Movement

Ankle Mobility
Series One
Movement #7/7


  1. Place foot forward while you assume a lunge position. In video, we do this by placing foot on top of a plyo box.
  2. If you’re mobilizing your right ankle, place your right hand around the crest of your shin. This will help to gain rotational leverage during the movement. Place your left hand over the top of your ankle to stabilize foot during this movement.
  3. Move into a loaded dorsiflexion position.
  4. Push knee outward, while simultaneously using hand to stabilize foot and assist in lateral glide of tibia/fibula.
  5. Complete for 30 repetitions on each side.


  • This can help with improving lateral and rotational tibial movement to improve bottom position in a squat.


  • Ankle mobility, soft tissue mobility