Kettle Bell Calf Soft Tissue Smash

Ankle Mobility

Series One

Movement #3/7


  1. Grab a kettle bell, 53 lbs. used in this video
  2. Sit down with leg extended, resting lower leg on its side.
  3. Use kettle bell to perform soft tissue mobilization into the gastrocnemius and soleus muscle bellies. Perform  ankle range of motion activities while maintaining pressure through calf musculature (Pin & Stretch).
  4. Following self “smashing” technique, sit the kettle bell upright and place calf on the handle.
  5. Cross other leg on top, then move side to side, continuing to mobilize the calf musculature. Work from the Achilles insertion all the way to the top of the calf.
  6. Perform for 2 minutes each.


  • Tenderness is typically indicative of “tightness.” This is good for neural down regulation of “tight” musculature and neural tension.
  • Follow this up with stretching.
  • If you’ve just had surgery and are experiencing calf pain, do not perform this. Get medical clearance.


  • Soft tissue mobilization, ankle mobility