Loaded Soleus Stretch (Contralateral Hip Extension)

Ankle Mobility

Series One

Movement #2/7


  1. Grab a kettlebell or dumbbell. 53 lbs KB used in the video.
  2. Get into a lunge or kneeling position.
  3. Place the weight on top of the knee as seen above.
  4. Lunge forward, using weight to increase tension through the calf musculature.
  5. With the opposite leg, move as far into hip extension as you can to stretch contralateral hip flexors.
  6. Hold this position for 90 seconds, or mobilize similarly to the Multi-Planar Calf Stretch.


  • If you experiencing pinching in the front of your ankle, work on joint mobility prior to stretching.
  • You should not have low back pain with this stretch. If so, move out of hip extension into a more neutral position.  Work on hip extension and hip flexor flexibility.


  • Flexibility, ankle mobility, hip extension