SL Box Squat with Band Anti-Rotation


  1. Anti-Rotation Component: Using a resistance band attached to a stable surface, pull towards the mid-line of your body. Extend arms away from your body.  This should create a rotational pull that forces you to resist to maintain mid-line stability.
  2. Lift the leg furthest from the wall approximately 90 degrees at the hip.
  3. With your stance leg (closest to the wall), perform a single leg squat to a box/bench.
  4. Descend and ascend while maintaining the “anti-rotation” position with the band.
  5. Perform 2 sets of 8-12 each side.


  • Pick a level of resistance band appropriate for you. Regress resistance of band if you cannot complete exercise as demonstrated.
  • Do not “plop” onto the box/bench during the squat. This should be a slow and controlled motion.


Motor control, proprioception, core stability, functional mobility.