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The Movement Report is a website and blog dedicated to helping people become the best version of themselves. Topics range from physical therapy and rehabilitation science, evidence-based interventions and research, human performance, strength & conditioning, and exercise movement instruction.


This website is meant to serve the common person, as well as the movement specialist. The goal is to learn more about current research in movement science, human performance, and physiotherapy, to further the lives of ourselves, our clients, athletes, and patients.


Major Updates are occurring site-wide starting January 2018. Please be patient during our content growth.  2018 serves as a building year to compile information, record blog posts, and improve content.


The workings of the human body are an analogy for the workings of the universe.

Heydenreich, Ludwig Heinrich. “Leonardo da Vinci”Encyclopædia Britannica. Encyclopædia Britannica, inc.

The information found on this domain should not be used to treat, self diagnose, or diagnose others without seeking out and being examined by experienced medical personnel. The purpose of this domain is to summarize literature on the current topics and should not be used in the self diagnosis of any medical condition. If you or someone you know is injured or experiencing pain, please seek medical attention right away. There is inherent risk for injury, bodily harm, or even death with physical activity. The content on this domain is educational in nature. If there is an attempt to perform activities demonstrated on this domain, the subject does so at their own risk.